Trend Watch: Fashion Goes Animalia

If you have been actively browsing through the photo galleries of recent fashion shows, you may have noticed a growing trend: Animal motif. We are not talking about age-old animal prints and fur. This season is all about animals taking center stage on clothing, with two big fashion houses battling it out to become the trendy “It” wear. On one corner, we have Givenchy and its snarling Rottweilers. C

Fashion Style Tips for Petite Women

Style is different for every body type. In this post, we provide helpful fashion styling tips that would make petite women look their best. It is all about creating an illusion of more height and less bulk. Dress in one color – Monochromatic fashion, especially when using dark colors, is recommended for petites. Try dressing in one color from tops to shoes, even matching your tights or stocking if needed.

How to Wear a Maxi Dress, According to Rachel Zoe

Celebrity stylist and mother Rachel Zoe has some great advice on wearing one of the summer’s hottest fashion trends: The maxi dress! This clothing item is characterized by its long length and breezy fabrics. The best part about the maxi dress is that it can be worn by almost every body type. In a recent interview with Glamour magazine, Rachel reveals the secrets to rock the maxi dress. Daytime and nighttim

Finding the Perfect Swimsuit for Every Body Type

Summer is nearing, but it is never too late to get that perfect swimsuit that would complement your body type. Contrary to what other people and the media may say, anybody with any body can pull off a swimsuit as long as you know what style to wear. Glamour magazine comes up with wonderful summer style tips so you could look hot on your swimwear. If you’re busty and tall – String bikinis should be ou

Summer 2011 Must Have: Cheap Fedora Hat

In this age of mixing and matching, having one accessory that would go well with a variety of clothing items would be a fashion god-send. This summer, one item that needs to be in every fashionable woman’s closet is a straw fedora. Used to be commonly seen in jazz bars and gangster mobs, the fedora-styled hat now comes in a variety of materials and colors. A straw fedora can be squeezed in a beach bag with

Fall 2011 Beauty Watch: Gold Makeup

The value of gold is indeed going up, not only on the commodities market, but also on runways as makeup artists applied their Midas touch to complement the fall fashion collections. Sophia Panych of Allure magazine listed the ways of bringing this upcoming trend to the Average Jane and here are some of her tips in applying gilded makeup. Pair gold shadow and liner – The simplest and easiest way to bring a r

Fall 2011 Fashion Trend: The Wild West

Fall fashion for 2011 is going to be a little more interesting as designers draw inspiration from the Wild West for their collections. Prairie coats and blanket pants are expected to become hot items, but you do not have to dress like a cow girl to become fashionably hip. Here are tips on how to get into the Western chic without looking like putting on a costume. Look southwest – Proenza Schouler designers

2011 Summer Trend: Lacy Tops

Summer may seem to be far away, but bad weather should not dampen your enthusiasm into updating your wardrobe to welcome the new season. One trend that is sure to be a hot item this summer is the lacy top, which adds a fresh and spring-like feel to one’s ensemble, not to mention accentuating a romantic touch. It comes in different forms such as sleeveless, smocked waist, and elbow-length sleeves. Wearing a

Getting the Ballerina Look for Spring Summer 2011

One of the popular trends for women this early half of 2011 is the ballerina look, which was inspired from the critically acclaimed film “Black Swan.” This look has been interpreted by various female celebrities especially during the awards season, including Hailee Steinfeld, Mila Kunis, and Academy Award winner Natalie Portman. If you want to get that ballerina look in time for your glamorous party o

Getting a Red-Carpet Look

Even A-list celebrities can be clueless as to what dress to wear for a glamorous red-carpet event like the upcoming Academy Awards, which is why they hire an army of stylists to help them decide what to wear. But just because your life is out of the limelight does not mean you should deprive yourself of putting on a fabulous, headline-making ensemble. Celebrity designer Carmen Marc Valvo dished out some practical