How to Apply Nail Polish

Nail polishRemove old polish. File nails into rounded squares.

Soak fingers in a bowl of warm soapy water for five minutes, then apply cuticle oil. With an orange stick, gently push back cuticles.

With cotton around the end of an orange stick, dip in remover, then go over nails to wipe off oils.

Apply a ridge-filling base coat. Dry for two minutes.

Rest your forearm on a table and start by painting the pinky on your opposite hand. Place the brush tip an eight inch above the nail base, letting the bristles fan out. Paint a thin layer on the middle and then each side of the nail. Repeat on each finger. Switch hands.

Let dry for three minutes and apply second coat.

Brush on top coat let nails dry for 45 minutes.

Clean up smudged skin with an orange stick dipped in polish remover or peel away after a warm shower.

To repair a chip smooth it with a gentle buffer. Fill in the chip with the same color polish, wait three minutes, then paint the entire nail again with a top coat.

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