How to Take Care of Sensitive Skin

skin careStudy labels. Look for fragrance free, hypoallergenic products. Avoid those with a long list of ingredients.

Select a creamy and moisturizer, and a sun block that contains zinc oxide.

In the morning, cleanse, rinse with lukewarm water, and apply moisturizer while skin is still damp.

Treat inflammation with a thin layer of cortisone cream for up to one week. If symptoms persist, see a dermatologist.

At night, cleanse again and apply moisturizer. If needed, use a mild acne medication or anti aging product no more than once a week. Mix a small amount into your moisturizer to dilute it.

You can occasionally get a facial or peel—just tell the aesthetician that you have sensitive skin.

Hot, dry air—the result of a radiator or central eating—can aggravate the skin. A humidifier will add back some of that lost moisture. Turn it on at night and be sure to replace filters once a month.

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