Couturiers Go Gaga Over Lady Gaga

Lady gaga

gaga inspired couture

Since it hitting it big time with her hit single Poker Face, Lady Gaga has been in the spotlight consistently.

Part of the dance diva’s allure, aside from her catchy, can’t-get-it-out-of-your-head songs and aversion to pants, are her fantastic, over-the-top ensembles.

Her costumes – and even her everyday wear- are so flamboyant and outrageous it’s impossible to ignore, let alone stare. And we all know how all things new and shocking turn out: they take center stage, they become a trend, and the cycle begins all over again. reports that the anti-pants pop starlet is single-handedly responsible for the increase in the sales of knickers in the UK.

It’s one thing to cause knickers sales to spike up; it’s quite another to spot allusions to singer at the Paris haute couture.

Yes, you read that right. Paris. Haute couture.

From Gaultier’s leg-revealing bodysuits to Christian Lacroix’s sculptural skirts, was difficult not to detect hints Gaga’s style in the couture collections.

Some argue however, that Gaga is just a one-time trendsetter that has no business influencing couture. Some are wont to say that established designers certainly don’t need to get inspiration from some industry newbie. Others argue that some of the pieces – the leg-baring bodysuit, chains, hoods, sculptural skirts, and bottomless pieces have all been showcased by couture designers even before Gaga came in.

But there are those whose views are more positive, saying that artists of all kinds – singers, designers – all influence each other.

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