Matching Fringe to Face-Shape

 fringe and face-shape

Now that fringe has gone past being a trend, and established itself as a beauty staple, a fringe cutting guide for your specific face shape seems to be in order.

Stylist Antonio Prieto gives a rundown of fringe type-to-face shape pairings to avoid confusing your face shape with another, and thus preventing post-salon frustrations, and subsequent months during which you’ll be spending your time securing your unsuitable fringe with bobby pins.


Prieto advises against fringe for round-faced women. He explains that this is so that onlookers will see more of the face, and avoid having a shorter, fuller, and wider appearance.


A diamond-shaped face is more angular overall. Thus, Prieto recommends wearing short, side-swept fringe that will soften the sharp facial outline.


For women with heart-shaped faces, Prieto recommends keeping the fringe narrow and to make sure they do not go past the outside of the eye.


The key is to make the face appear wider at the sides. Prieto recommends longer side-swept fringe for women with oblong-shaped women. Making sure your fringe falls on or near the cheekbones will also create a better effect.


As hard as it is to imagine a triangle-shaped face, Prieto says it’s women with this facial shape who are in most need of a fringe. A triangle-shaped face, Prieto says, has a narrow forehead with fuller jaw line. A full ad wide fringe will create an illusion of more balanced proportions in women with triangle-shaped faces.

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