Winter Facial Skin Care Tips

winter skin careThe cold, winter weather is one of the harshest and it has negative effects on facial skin. What you need is a winter face care routine to combat the negative effects of the harsh weather.

Season transition

Start your facial skin care regimen as the season begins to change. If you can get a professional facial, even once a year, so much the better.

Drink lots of fluids

The heat indoors and the outdoor cold saps moisture from the body. Drink plenty of liquids, especially water, and avoid drinks such as caffeine and alcohol for they dehydrate the body.

Oil-based moisturizer

Winter is the best time to switch from water-based moisturizers to oil-based moisturizers. They are more ideal for keeping the skin from drying. The water (usually 20%) and oil (usually 80%) combination creates a protective layer that is more moisturizing.


Facial skin dries more in winter making dead skin cells pile up on your face. Exfoliate using your trusted brand or product. If you’re into the homemade stuff, use products found in the kitchen, such as oatmeal.

Don’t forget sunscreen

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stash away your sunscreen. The glare of the sun off the snow can also affect your skin almost as much as the summer sun.


Cleanse your skin thoroughly. Before going to sleep, remove all your make up. Wash your face with a gentle or oil-based cleanser so it will work with your moisturizer. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer after washing.

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