Create a Trend-Defying Style

It’s becoming more and more difficult to keep up with today’s fads and trends. Plus, it’s taking its toll on your paycheck. The solution? Create a trend-defying wardrobe.

How? Choose classic pieces that will keep you looking stylish regardless of the season. It’s going to take time – and it won’t be cheap, but it’s going to keep you looking fab for years to come.

Here’s how to create a classic, trend-defying wardrobe:

Know what is a classic

Classics are clothes that stand the test of time. Some of these trend-defying pieces include: denim, trench coats, polo shirts, button-downs, the little black dress.

Classic colors

Black, charcoal, gray, brown and tan work well with most other colors.

Classic lines

Opt for clothes with clean classic lines that are casual yet can be dressy enough for evening wear or worn as professional attire.

Investment clothes

Accept that some clothes, especially these classics, are worth spending your entire (or most of) your paycheck on. Think of it this way: you are investing on yourself. Plus, you will get more mileage out of a $300 classic coat than a trendy $100 one that you’ll wear for only one season.

Buy what you love

Go for what you really love. It might be difficult at first to tell the classics from the fads and simply expensive ones. This is where your preferences come in. also, since you love the piece/these pieces so much, you will also get a lot of wear from it.

Easy to match clothes

Finally, choose clothes that can easily match your other (existing) clothes. Experts say that the rule of thumb is to buy clothes that will match two other outfits at least. Think of your personal style so the item that you will purchase will match the rest of your clothes.

If you have to buy more clothes just to match your purchase then that’s not a very wise investment. What you should look for are good quality clothes that will make for a functional wardrobe.

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