How to Dress Like Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a big hit with kids, and even with some adults. Naturally people want to dress up like him during holidays such as Halloween.

Here’s how to dress up like our favorite boy wizard:

Find an old black robe

The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’s official school uniform are black robes. You can easily find black robes in hire stores for graduation or academic ceremonies where old ones go for really low prices.

You can also go to your local thrift store. Or, if you have a judge or a professor in the family, ask them if you can borrow their black robe.

If you really can’t find one, borrow or buy an inexpensive oversized skirt.

Find a pair of glasses

You can go for any old pair, but to look more Harry-like, go for glasses with round frames. You can borrow them from friends or family, or again hit your local thrift store. Don’t forget to put scotch tape on the middle of your glasses.

Find a red and gold scarf

Borrow from a friend or family member. Or search your favorite thrift shop again for an inexpensive find. You can also ask a family member to knit one for you if you really can’t find one.

And if all else fails, make one yourself. Get a red scarf and wrap a yellow ribbon around it. Sew or staple in place to get that stripe effect.

Get scarred

Harry’s trademark is his lightning-shaped scar. You can use a red lip liner/lipstick or non-toxic, washable markers or pens to draw the scar on your forehead.

Find an owl

Your Harry Potter ensemble won’t be complete without Hedwig, Harry’s famous pet and mail carrier. If you don’t have a white owl (and you most likely don’t) find a fake, stuffed one in the toy section of the department store.

Your Wand

To complete your Harry Potter look, you must have a wand. Hardcore Harry Potter fans would know that Harry’s wand is 11 inches long (made from holly, with phoenix tail feather core). But any old stick – chopstick, twig, even pencils (tape two together to get the right length) – will do.

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