Holiday Fashion Trends

Holiday Fashion Trends Holiday Fashion Trends

This holiday season, do not just bundle up and look as shapeless and plain as a snowman. Instead, play up your look with these holiday fashion trends named by People magazine, and look hot despite the freezing temperature.


Ribbons are a great way to play up a simple outfit or a plain dress. You can tie it around your waist to emphasize your curves, or string it through your belt loops for a more casual-yet-festive look. Ribbons reflect gifts and presents. It’s just so for this season.


Of course. You can’t avoid wearing fur during the holidays. Be it faux or real, you can’t go wrong with it. The trend, as noted by People, are fur accessories: fur stoles, fur capelets, or little fur jackets. Just wear them over what you’re already wearing. Remember, they are "fur accessories", which means they won’t actually keep you that warm when you step out.

Colorful eyes

This one comes with a "procceed with caution" warning. Why? Because not a lot of people can pull it off. Eye makeup in jewel tones appears to be the trend. Just make sure to color only the eyes to liven up your face. Strong colored lips and cheeks will make you appear comical.

Red dresses

Red dresses are so sexy and so perfect for the holidays. It kind of makes a sexy Santa out of every woman. Plus, red is a very noticeable color. Wear it in shades and silhouettes that work for your color and figure.


Sequins add a festive, holiday feel to any look. This year, the trend names sequined capelets and shrugs to add some holiday sparkel to your casual jeans-and-top look.

Satin dresses

Satin dresses are shiny and glamorous enough to get you noticed from right across the room. Satin is also shiny and glamorous enough to not require much accessories. Satin is a very buddy-hugging fabric, so show off your curves this holiday season.

Hair accessories

This season, the favored hair accessories are jeweled brooches. They draw attention to your face and add a festive air to your look. Don’t wear huge earrings when wearing hair accessories so as to not go overboard.


Velvet is another shiny, luxuriou fabric that has gained favor this season. Glam up your casual getup with a velvet blazer. Or, opt for a lovely, elegant velvet dress to spice up your holidays.


This season, the bag of choice is the clutch. Clutches can also add a bit of shine to your look. Go for more structured purses. Or if you prefer soft fabric clutches, choose jeweled, beaded or metallic ones.

Sparkly dresses

Another perfect dress for the season: sparkly cocktail dresses. If you’re a bit conservative when it comes to color, sparkly cocktail dresses are a great way to go glam in neutral shades. They are fun and festive without going overboard.

Image source: People

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