What to Wear with Purple


Purple is actually a very elegant color, especially if your you wear it right and pair it with the right colors.

Purple is one of the best hues to wear when the weather gets colder. Some experts even argue that purple is more flattering to the skin other winter colors such as black, gray and camel.

Purple (arguably) goes well with the following colors: pink, blue, green, brown, orange, yellow

How to wear purple right

Pair your purples with other dark neutral colors. For instance, wear it under a suit. It would look great for the office.

Purple also goes well with jeans for an elegantly casual look. Choose a purple wrap top. It’s elegant enough to give your look a sophisticated feel. It also give your whole look a touch of romance. Plus wraps, are flattering to most figures.

You can liven up purple clothes with bright colors such as lime or green. Pair a purple sweater with a bright green scarf to make your look pop. Be careful in choosing shades though, you might end up looking like an eggplant.


Pair purple up with strong prints. Match a plain purple top with a geometric-print skirt in shades of blue and purple à la Emilio Pucci.

This season, instead of the old LBD (little black dress), why not opt for a dark, purple sheath. Opt for chiffon fabric, as it is flattering to most figures and adds a bit of mystery and sexiness.

Purple make up

Wear purple eyeshadow to complement your purple attire. Choose an eyeshadow shade that is very sheer and light. Too dark shadows make you look to matchy-matchy, and might even give you that black eye look.

You can also wear purple lipstick to match your outfit. Choose a shade that complements your skin tone. Keep your eyeshadow light if you’re choosing purple lipstick. You might end up looking like you can’t breathe.


Purple accessories also liven up any outfit. If you’re not into purple clothes, make statement in some of these purple accessories.

Add some spunk to your casual top and jeans look with purple and green peep toe pumps by Marc Jacobs. Or if you’re a more cautious dresser, opt for J. Crew’s beaded belt for a safer yet more noticeable flair.

Make a funkier statement with Banana Republic’s purple sock. Perfect for a plain top and skirt ensemble.

To finish up a look, go for a purple carryall such as the one by Hand Maiden. It’s roomy enough to accommodate your, well, everything.

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