Annie Lennox's Daughter Hits the Runway

People may say that Tali Lennox, daughter of former Eurythmics’ vocalist-turned-solo artist Annie Lennox, have become a model so easy because of her connections, but her look is undoubtedly modelesque. Any girl with that strong brow and prominent pout could land a runway job for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Burberry (pictured), and Christopher Kane just like her. The 17-year-old Londoner has al

What to Wear to Look Current

You may want to look like the fashionable people on TV and magazines, but you tend to end up with a mish-mash style or something that is too easy to frown upon. Here are some easy tips to make your fashion current and up-to-date. Pick a women’s magazine you would not normally buy – Look for magazines that have more “editorial” spreads, while staying away from the titles that have more reci

Marc Jacobs CEO Considers Having Plus-Size Line

The CEO of Marc Jacobs, Robert Duffy, announces that he is considering introducing a new line catering for plus-sized women. The Jacobs label is currently producing dresses up to a size 16. Duffy narrates that the plan is about catering to the growing body sizes of average Americans. “I’m a big guy, 6’4″, 210 lbs. [It’s] not easy for me to find clothes,” the CEO posts on his

Military Trend Comes Back for Fall 2010

The military chic has been a fashion favorite and it is back again for Fall/ Winter 2010-2011. Unlike other military trends, this time the designers go for the elegant side. The military trend is highlighted by the use of fatigues, heavy boots, and military jackets with strongly emphasized shoulders and big, decorative buttons. Cargo pants, caps, and a lot of khaki are also expected. Apart from khaki, preferred

Vintage Fashion for Fall 2010

No matter what new fashion trends will pop out over the seasons, some trends will always pop up every now and then because of the elegance they bring. This is why it is unsurprising why designers would look back at vintage fashion for inspiration. Here are some incredible vintage styles that are expected to hit the streets this Fall 2010. Wide leg pants – This cut can benefit various body types. It suits

Eye Makeup for Fall 2010

To make your eye makeup autumn-perfect, invest on shades of brown. This earthy color creates a mysterious and melancholic aura to your eyes, a match for the mood of the season. Beyond that, there is also a wide color options and makeup styles that fit well with your fashion. Here are some suggestions from the latest runway shows. Coffee and taupe – The Fall 2010 show of Anna Sui displays a collection of d

Color Trends for Fall-Winter 2010

For many fashionistas, a great style with horrible role is just as offensive as wearing acid-wash jeans. Here are some color choices that have been been popping all over the international runways. Camel – This light brown tint can be worn all over or mixed with denim and other autumn-related items. Complementary colors include copper, golden, red-brown. You can also try experimenting on different shades o

Fabric Trends for Fall-Winter 2010

In just a few weeks, we are about to welcome the beginning of fall and with that, a complete closet do-over. Say goodbye to your gauze dresses, floral tops, and what-not. It’s time to update your wardrobe with the hottest trends for fall and winter 2010-2011. Shearling – Probably the hottest must-have for this season, shearling can be found in almost every fashion item, including handbags and boots.

Adding Curves on Thin Figures

We have heard of fashion tips on how to create a slimmer look, but some ladies would like to dress up with an illusion of having a fuller figure. Why, you ask? That’s because they are naturally thin. And with that, we meant not blessed with B-cup (or higher) breasts and narrow by the hips. So how do we create curves on a body with a thin frame? Here are some easy fashion makeover tips. Wear a structured

Go Floral on Summer

Nothing screams summer than to dress up in nature’s prints, particularly florals. Wearing dresses in flowery prints gives off that easy, breezy feeling. Here are some ways pointers to help you choose that perfect floral dress for a hot day at the office. Go light – Make sure the dress is made from light, natural fabric. Cotton is a good choice, but other good cloths for summer include jersey, silk,