What to Wear to Look Current

You may want to look like the fashionable people on TV and magazines, but you tend to end up with a mish-mash style or something that is too easy to frown upon. Here are some easy tips to make your fashion current and up-to-date.

Pick a women’s magazine you would not normally buy – Look for magazines that have more “editorial” spreads, while staying away from the titles that have more recipes, celebrity scandals, or UFO abductions on the cover. Beginners can start on Elle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and W.

Try on different labels – Enter a store you would not normally go to, or check out an equivalent of the store online if you get nervous easily. Try on styles that you see on the magazines or you could stick to pieces that are similar to those you already have. You would be surprised to realize that a slightly different cut, color, fabric, or brand can do wonders to your style.

Add a pop of color – Every season has a trendy color. It is easy to find what it is, just by looking at the prominent colors being used on the store display. However, you do not need to wear that color all over. What you need is to used that color as an accent piece like a scarf, a camisole under a suit, or a belt.

Start with accessories – An easy way to update your look is by updating your accessories. A new handbag, a different sandals, or jewelry, can make you look modern. If you have no idea about the trends in accessories, simply ask a sales associate, they will know.

Do not change your style drastically – We are not asking you to have a 180-degree turn on fashion, but start slow. Make subtle changes and learn from your fashion mistakes over a period of time.

Source: About.com

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