Fashion Icon of 2010: Anna Dello Russo

If we could define the fashion of 2010 in one word, it has to be “personality.” What we wear has become a definition of who we are. This applies true to Anna Dello Russo, the fashion director at large for Vogue Nippon, who has unofficially become the Lady Gaga of high fashion as she turned dressing up into performance art, even to the point of upstaging all the Vogue editors at the magazine’s 90th anniversary party.

She is known among fashion insiders as the girl who refuses to mix-and-match, who would rather buy clothes from fashion houses instead of borrow from them, and who believes that clothes should be kept at an ideal temperature of 15 degrees Celsius.

Anna is also popular on the Web as her personal blog has been visited by millions of adoring fans of fashion. She considers herself as the “Barbie of the Internet.”

Source:, photos from Jak and Jil

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