Get That Smoky Eye Look

When it comes to applying make-up, the most tedious would probably be around the eyes. After all, it is the first part of the body a person normally sees when facing you. In fact we can experiment a lot with eye make-up, having your eyes sparkle in more ways than one.

One of the trendiest eye make-up styles is the smoky eye, when the eyes appear sexy using only black eye shadow. The problem, however, is that putting it wrongly would only make you look like getting punched in the eye. Here is an easy guide to put on those perfect smoky eyes.

Apply the eye make-up last – Getting your eyes done takes a lot of time and effort. Start with priming your face, cheeks, and lips. Skip adding concealer under your eyes before applying eye make-up and instead put apply it afterward.

Prime your eyelids – Prep your eye make-up with an oil-free concealer or foundation. Allow it to dry before starting your eye make-up.

Start with a neutral-colored base – Apply colors that is closest to skin like beige, ivory, and taupe. Spread it over your entire eye lid from lash to brow bone. If you have shimmery, not glittery, eye make-up, the better.

Line up – Use a black eye pencil to line the entire eye from the upper eyelid to lower lash line. Go as close to the lashes as possible and use your fingertips to move your lid around.

Soften the line – Grab a cotton bud and gently go over the eyeliner along your eyelids to help soften the effect.

Apply black eyeshadow – Using a sponge-tipped applicator, apply black powder eyeshadow over the softened eyeliner. Do the top lid first, applying the bottom lid after putting eye concealer. Once spread, use the cotton bud to gently smudge the shadow.

Add another color – Choose a basic eye color to add with the smoky eye look, such as brown or gray. Apply it with either the applicator or eyeshadow brush, starting at the lash line, then to the crease of your lid, ending under your brow bone. The effect should look like an oval when you close your eyes.

Remove any excess powder under the eyes – Use a powder brush or cotton balls to sweep away any trace of eyeshadow that fell during the application. Once done, apply concealer and base.

Apply black eyeshadow under the eyes – Do the bottom lid like what you did on the upper lid.

Encircle your eye with the other color – Using the brown or gray tone you have used previously, gently and gradually blend the eyeshadow into a circle around your eye area using a powder brush. Try not to go too far under the eye to avoid looking like a raccoon.

Coat your lashes – Use a good black mascara and apply two to three coats on top and at least two at the bottom.

Check what you have done – Wait for the mascara to dry and check the result. Blend any areas that stand out and sweep any excess eye shadow powder that fell while applying the bottom lid.


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