Star Beauty Tips and Tricks

Perfect Bronze

To get the perfect self-tanned bronze, celebrity tanning expert for Fake Bake, Lisa Fulton says put your skin on bed rest. "It’s best to do your tan at night," she says, "as it takes six to eight hours for the tanning agents to develop. When you are sleeping there is less chance for the tan to be ruined."

Star makeup artist Pati Dubroff, who has worked to perfect Megan Fox’s glow, adds "Never go more than two shades darker than [your] skin tone."

Perfect Glow

James Boehmer, lead makeup artist for Nars Cosmetics, who’s worked with the like of Molly Sims shares the secret to a glowing bronzed skin: "Apply bronzer first where the sun hits." That means your forehead, nose and chin. If you use gel, apply it evenly on your face. Apply a bit of blush on the apples of your cheeks to give depth to your look.

Perfect Curls

We all want to have sexy tousled curls that stars regularly sport. Unfortunately we don’t have access to their stylists. Wait. Now we do. Stylist Jonathan Hanousek shares this trick to get those perfect curls: "I alternated between 1-in. and 1.5-in. curling irons," he says. But wait. There’s more: "Switching the direction you wrap the hair – forward and backwards – will also give you a more natural wave," he says.

Perfect Teeth

To keep your whitened teeth stain-free is hard enough. Keeping them stain-free on the go is even nearly impossible. Not so says Dr. Kevin Sands who’s perfected the smiles of the likes of Mandy Moore. "Chewing sugarless gum immediately after eating or drinking stain-causing foods or beverages such as berries, red wine or coffee can promote saliva flow before stains have a chance to set," he says. "An added benefit is that [sugar substitute] xylitol has been shown to help prevent decay."

Perfect Skin

Brazilian model Adriana Lima’s job virtually requires her to have perfect skin. So what’s her secret to keeping her complexion flawless? "Coconut water!," she says. "Since I was little my mom taught me to take the water and wet cotton pads with it, and you put it on your skin and you lay there five minutes. It’s the best thing for your skin!"


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