How to Stay Stylish During Winter

Stylish Winter dress

Some people think that winter is a bad time for style and fashion, what with all the layering of clothes that make you look rounder than Frosty the Snowman.

The truth is, winter is actually a great season for dressing up in style – with the right set of clothes, that is.

Fashionable winter jackets and trench coats

Buy fashionable jackets and trench coats. They are actually style essentials. You could easily go from drab to fab in seconds with a fashionable coat. Coats make you look put together even with minimal accessories and a simple hairstyle.

When choosing a coat, make sure it fits your figure perfectly. Also take into consideration your location’s weather. Different areas vary in temperature. Opt for neutral colors such as black, gray and brown, as these colors go well with other colors.


Hats are a cute addition to your winter outfit. They add ooomph to your whole look. A variety of hats in different colors is ideal, but one or two will do. You should also go for neutral colored hats to match most of your outfits.


Scarves serve a dual purpose: they protect you from the chilly winter winds and add personality to your look. Scarves come in a myriad of colors, fabrics and styles. Scarves are also fairly inexpensive. Make sure your scarf goes well with your coat and hat.

Gloves, mittens and handwarmers

The icy winter air makes hands dry and chapped. What better way to protect your hands with stylish yet functional gloves, mittens and handwarmers. Thinner gloves are the most stylish (think Audrey Hepburn), but provide less warmth than the really thick ones.

Consider the weather when choosing your gloves. Make sure also that they match your outfit. If you’re going for warmth, you may opt for handwarmers as they are usually very thick. What’s more, they are stylish and cute in an almost childlike way.


If you’re not a fan of hideous sweaters, resort to layering clothes instead.


When choosing shoes, it is advisable of course to choose those that cover your feet most. Your best option is to wear boots. There is a variety of stylish boots available. Choose from thigh high boots, knee high boots or ankle booties.

Tights and leggings

When wearing skirts or dresses, wear tights or leggings underneath. This protects your legs from the harsh weather and at the same time makes your whole outfit look more appropriate for the chilly season.

Tights and leggings come in all styles, shapes, sizes and colors so you should be able to find one that goes well with your outfit.

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