How to Choose The Right Skirt for Your Body Shape

skirtNot all women have the same figure. What looks good on you might not look good on another woman. You have to choose which type of clothing is flattering to your figure.

When it comes to choosing skirts, here’s your guide to picking what works well with your shape:

Skirts for slim women

For slim frames, opt for bubble skirts to add volume and create the illusion of curves. When picking bubble skirts, choose one whose length is proportionate to your height. This means that the shorter you are, the shorter your skirt should be. Pair a bubble skirt with a top with a bit of volume to maintain a nice proportion. Finish off the look with a fabulous pair of pumps.

Skirts for tall women

For those blessed with supermodel height, opt for high-waisted skirts. High-waisted skirts make you look slimmer yet curvier because it emphasizes the smallest part of the waist. High-waisted skirts are very trendy right now.

Look for ones with cute details such as huge bows or ribbons on the side or rows of buttons down the front. Pair them off with soft, flowy tops with high necklines. Finish off the look with high-heeled booties.

Skirts for curvy women

For women gifted with fabulous curves, choose skirts that will show off your beautiful figure. Go for pencil skirts to flaunt your perfect hour-glass shape. Pair them off with a turtleneck and a pair of fab heels. Pencil skirts also make you look put together with just heels and a dainty clutch to match.

Skirts for pear-shaped women

For pear-shaped women, opt for A-line cuts, pleated or full skirts to make your rear look smaller. Make sure they fall just above your knees to create a stunning proportion.

To make your lower half and upper half appear even more proportionate, go for tops with wide or puffed sleeves. This create a fabulous hour-glass silhouette. Accessorize with a slim belt to emphasize your waist and finish off the look with a pair of cute ballet flats.

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