Enhancing Hispanic Skin

hispanic womanDark brows and lashes and shapely lips are what makes a typical Latina a looker. They can get away with wearing almost no makeup because of these fine features. But if they want to, they can enhance their beauty more. This can be achieved through the use of a good foundation as base, softening colors that match their skin tone, and some tinge of eye makeup.

Using a foundation that is right for the Hispanic skin tone is essential in achieving the right glow. It also helps in hiding small zits and blemishes. In choosing the right foundation, it is best to test the product on the face, not on the hand or the palm, in order to see the effect of the makeup on the skin.

Aside from foundation, lipsticks are also good beauty enhancers. Its ability to make the lips look full and more attractive is an added bonus, but just don’t opt for browns and burgundies because these colors don’t usually bring out the right effect for Latina beauties. The perfect advice for ladies with Hispanic skin is to go for subtle pinks and mauves.

Last but not the least is the eye makeup. Brown-black mascara is a good pick for Latinas because of their dark eyes. This color will bring out a softening effect to their peepers.

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