Organic Clothing: The New Trend

organic cottonThe time of the apathetic fashion designers is over because now, even the fashion industry has immersed itself with environmental concerns. They have begun to incorporate organic materials into chic designs. In fact, organic cotton is now the new trend for green clothing designers.

Traditional cotton has been patronized by the public for as long as anyone can remember. But the problem with this fabric is that it initiates the use of liberal amounts of insecticides and herbicides and the like, which we all know is bad for our environment.

With that thing out in the open, it’s only fit to say that using organically grown fabric is the better option. Fortunately, more designers are using organic cotton in their newest lines. The trend setters include Xylem, Turk+Taylor, Blue Canoe, Armour Sans Anguish, Ecoganik, NatureVsFuture, EcoDragon, Gypsy Rose, Maggie’s Organic, Two Star Dog and Enamore. Tagging behind are the big players like Levi Strauss, Victoria’s Secret, Esprit, Patagonia and Timberland.

Meanwhile, the use of organic cotton has also reached the online retailers such as ShopEnvi, Bamboo Styles, and Grassroots Natural Goods. Even Wal Mart and Target are now stocking a wide range of organic clothing.

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