Choosing the Right Pair of Eyeglasses


Looking for the right pair of eyeglasses is not as tricky as it may seem. Definitely, it’s no secret that there is a technique in doing this. However, it may be rather quite confusing, especially is you are shopping for a particular pair that you consider is perfect for you. To think of it, being aware of what is good for you can bring about how fashionable and fabulously trendy you can be.

Looking at certain celebrities like Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Paris Hilton it is common knowledge that you have to consider the shape and size of your face to find what might seem to anyone as an elusive pair. Contrary to that thought, it is not elusive as it may appear to be. Here are the tips on finding the pair of eyeglasses that will suit your features.

Know the size and shape of your face

Compared to some commonplace object, this is something not difficult to do once you are in front of the mirror.

Of course, people do not have the same face shapes. So do not be surprised if you find someone with a feature different from your own. Here are the various face shapes and sizes from which you can pattern the right contour of eyeglasses.

For round faces

The pair of eyeglasses that will suit such a feature is that it should be angular, that is to provide a contrast between the somewhat smooth features of your face. It is also better that you find for a pair that is wider but not as tall. So what size to choose? A pair with  rectangular frame and square lenses.

For heart-shape faces

Girls and women with these features are characterized by a broad forehead, prominent cheekbones and a small chin. Rimless or semi-rimless eyeglasses would do the trick. But choose the one with a shape that contradicts your face, one that has a narrow top and a wide bottom. Yet with that fashion sense of yours, it is not unlikely that it will be as easy as smiling for you.

For oblong-shaped faces

If you found yourself under this category, you may notice as well that you have a somewhat long nose. Usually, that’s how oblong-shaped faces are. So all you have to do is find a wider and tall pairs will be good for women with this features. For those with long noses, it is advised that the pair must have low bridges so as to provide the right tallness needed.

For oval-shaped faces

A face like this is usually common. So it will pose no difficulty to look for one. Whatever shape and size you choose, you will look as awesome as you wanted to be.

For long-shaped faces

This feature tends to be narrow, without any of those other characteristics found in the other faces. You may opt for a pair that is not as wide as it is long. In other words, small frames would do. Rimless eyeglasses are perfect for girls and women with this face shape.

Choosing for the right frame is no problem as long as you it suits your features. Basically, it has something to do with your skin and hair color. Metallic frames and certain earth colors can be as trendy as it may fit you well.

Same for silver or gray colors. However, it all starts with being aware of what looks good on you. Remember that physical beauty starts first in what you see is best for you.



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