Common Reasons For Clutter

Having clutter at home can be quite bothersome. It is a problem you might not notice easily until you discover that you no longer have adequate space anywhere at home. Many people may consider various reasons for the clutter. Here are some of the most common and yet surprising ones.

You love holidays.

Clutter may build up easily for people who love the holidays. You might be one of those who seem to have all the decorations stored for possibly every holiday on the calendar. Once each special day comes to pass, the decorations usually find themselves being stored somewhere in the house. Pretty soon, you might see them building up into a clutter in about a year’s time.

You hang on to the past.

Sentimental people are quite guilty of creating clutter. These are the people who find it hard to part ways with their past and seems to try to keep everything for memory’s sake. Every sentimental memento becomes an item that occupies space at the home. Not being able to part ways with them can easily lead to clutter.

You shop to save.

Some people seem to be too thrifty even for their own good. You might be one of those people who go shopping and keen to save money along the way. Sometimes this can be taken to extremes. You might want to get the most out of every deal you find in stores to take advantage of discounts. Sometimes you already may be buying more than you really need when you shop because you find the discounts too irresistible. Soon enough, the "good deals" you got begin to accumulate at home. Eventually they become clutter.

You have an all or nothing mentality.

You might be one of those people who always try to think that you have to do it all or not at all. This can also be the type of mentality that will lead to clutter at home. Some people will start to think that the clutter may have already built up around the house, so why bother trying to correct it? They think that they have to take care of everything or not at all. They forget that even the small things being done to prevent further clutter helps in making the problem worse.



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