Essential Fashion Tips And Tricks You Should Know 

Woman in YellowBeing fashionable comes with experience. You do not become known as one just overnight. Experience will allow you to build your fashion cred and let you know what is hot or not. But another welcome benefit to learning about fashion through experience is the many tips and tricks that you also acquire along the way. Here are some of them.

Removing Stuffy Odor From Clothes

If your clothes have acquired that old and stuffy odor while staying too long in your closet, then this tip can help you get rid of it. Simply mix one part vodka with two parts water and mix them together. Put this mixture inside a sprayer and spritz it on old or vintage clothes to remove the odor.

Oil Stain On Handbags

Some handbags can be difficult to wash so you always need to be careful in handling them. But there are cases where they may get stains that you need to take care of. If in this case you have an oil stain on your handbag, you can get rid of it by applying baby powder on the stain and let it stand overnight. The stain should be gone by morning. If in case you still see some oil stains left, just repeat the same process until the stain disappears.

After Ironing Advice

Avoid wearing outfits immediately after you iron them. This can cause more unsightly wrinkles to form. Instead, try waiting for five or more minutes before you try them on to avoid this wrinkly problem from forming.

Wax On Clothes

If you get some hardened wax stuck on your clothes, you may need some wax paper to help take it off. Just place the wax paper over the hardened wax and then iron over to loosen it up. Let it stay for a while and then pull off. The hardened wax will usually come right out together with the wax paper.

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