Five Steps to Going Short

long hair to short long hair to short

A lot of women want to try different hairstyles but are too afraid to actually do it. They are especially afraid of going short after having long hair for so long. Fear no more, Marie Claire offers 5 steps to help you switch from long locks to short.

Be Fearless

Do not be afraid to chop off your hair. It will grow back. According to Ted Gibson Salon’s Senior Stylist Liam Carey "Going short gives you a strong, confident, sexy look. I love giving women short haircuts that have flexibility, styling, and keeping it feminine-that are why women come to me for short hair."

Know what you want

Not knowing exactly what kind of short hairstyle you want [and what matches your face shape, hair type, and personality] can lead to a lot of regret and frustration. Carey says you must consider "face shape, hair texture, maintenance, and overall desired look" before you pay your stylist a visit. "Whenever going from long to short, mentally prepare yourself for a major change that’s going to make you look different. Consider life events as well–what you really want for those special days. Depending on the length, it could take six months to a year to grow out short hair," adds Carey.

Bring pictures

Telling your stylist what kind of hairstyle you like may not be enough. It is also not a good idea to let your stylist do whatever he/she wants. If you are going for a major hairstyle change, Carey suggests bringing pictures. Whenever making a major change, it’s great to have reference pictures. The consultation is key; listening to your stylist and his/her recommendations, and feeling comfortable with saying yes or no."

Go for it

Seeing your long locks become shorter and shorter can be a little unsettling, especially if your stylists cuts your tresses super short in one fell swoop. Do not panic. Your stylist knows what he/she is doing.

Play with it

Contrary to what you might think, you can actually style short hair in a number of ways. You can go sleek and sophisticated or fun and funky. If you’re not feeling your new short ‘do, Carey says "Consult with another stylist for styling tips and ideas/ways for growing it out. "You can try different hair accessories to take away from the cut such as wearing a cute bow, clip, headband, and play around with styling it differently-or there’s always a wig and extensions!"

Source: Marie Claire

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