Caring for Sad Summer Fringe

The summer heat can cause your fringe to resemble something that you use to create a masterpiece with, or something that your can use to adorn a handbag.

Fret no more. You can save your fringe or from looking like a frizzy or greasy disaster that’s plastered on your forehead.

Leonardo Manetti, co-owner of New York’s downtown salon ION shares his fringe-care secrets:

  1. Do not apply too much conditioner to your fringe.
  2. When prepping for something, keep bangs away from your face at all times. Wear a headband when applying facial-care products so your fringe won’t absorb any products. Finish your entire skincare and makeup up routine before attending to your bangs.
  3. If you have straight or wavy hair, use a blow-dryer to style your bangs. If you have frizzy or curly hair, use a flat iron after blow-drying.
  4. Avoid using silicone-based products because the warm weather will reactivate them and cause grease buildup.
  5. If you still have greasy bangs at the end of the day, opt for products with high alcohol content, such as volumizers or hairsprays, or use dry shampoo to absorb the oil. Avoid dark-colored hair powders, since these will show up on your face when you start sweating.


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