JKC Quotable Totes

jkc quotable tote

Jewelry – and now handbag label – JKC has recently released a collection of "quotable totes" that are perfect for today’s tough financial times.

Designer Jessica Kagan Cushman’s waxed-canvas totes declare humorous statements like "Charge It Please," and former Vogue editor Edna Woolman Chase’s famous quote, "Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess," which put a witty and mischievous spin on the otherwise rather plain Goyard’s St. Louis carry-all. JKC’s quotable totes are a handy and stylish medium for such bold and memorable statements, just like her jewelry.

"I’m always looking for new vehicles for the quotes I collect, and the tote bags were the perfect canvas, so to speak," notes Cushman. "Plus, I’m a total bag-o-holic; I buy them frantically, all the time, so if I was going to expand beyond jewelry, bags seemed like the natural next thing."

JKC’s standard-size carry-alls go for $125 and are currently available at Collette. Though Cushmann is planning to expand her handbag line by creating more special bags in the future, right now she’s focused on keeping her bags "fun and accessible." "We’re going to be introducing more sizes," she says, "but the idea is, you know, these are bags you can zip around town with."

Image source: style.com

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