Nicholas K Max Weekender

Nicholas K Max Weekender

Summer is the perfect time for weekend getaways.

When packing your belongings for a weekend in the country, not just any old duffel bag will do, not for the modern vacationer anyway.

And the modern vacationer is what Nicholas K designer Nichole Kunz had in mind when she came up with the Max Weekender. Modern vacationers are laptop-carrying, gadget-operating ilk, and they can’t bear to part with their devices.

The Max weekender is the perfect solution. Inside, it is divided into three roomy compartments, with foam stitched to the side to protect your laptop. There are also a number of pockets on the side to house your PDAs, BlackBerry’s, power cords, etc. The bag’s material is vintage-washed sheet leather that, Kuntz asserts, can withstand being thrown around. Add to that the fact that it is a hundred times more stylish than an ordinary duffle bag makes it a must-have this summer. 

The Max Weekender is a part of Nicholas Fall ’09 collection and it will be available this summer at Kitson.

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