Jimmy Choo Pre-Fall 2009 Handbag Collection

Jimmy choo handbags

Jimmy Choo’s Pre-Fall 2009 Handbag Collection showcased his flair for all things feminine and sexy.

The collection brought back the (tiered) fringed leather bags (clutches and totes), now available in red, navy blue and black.

Some of the handbags were edgier – more rock and roll if you will – and littered with stars and studs. The totes featured a sort of bracelet on one side of the handle. One studded tote even displayed that punk/biker/rock star studded leather bracelet – think spiked studs.

And speaking of handles, one end of the totes’ handles can be detached via hook-and-eye, while the other end is permanently attached to the bag via a ring.

Aside from leather, exotic materials were also used, as seen on a couple of handbags with belt details.

All in the all, the collection is fun, flirty, feminine yet edgy which makes it perfect for young fashionistas and trendsetters.

Image source: Frillr 

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