How to Look Like Miley Cyrus

How To Look Like Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is today’s hottest teen star. The 16-year old shot to fame playing Disney’s Hannah Montana. Miley’s style reflects her youth and her stardom. Being a celebrity, her clothes are usually from trendy designers. But you can get her look too, with a bit of research and some searching prowess. Here’s how to get Miley Cyrus’ look.

Casual look

It’s not always red-carpet-day for this young star. Miley enjoys her jeans and top. Her choices in clothes are hip, young and trendy mixed with a bit of edginess. Miley pairs basic skinny jeans with graphic t-shirts or tanks with a lot going on.

Look for shirts with hearts, dogs and skulls. Don’t forget glitter. Miley also sometimes pairs sun dresses with jeans for a more girly look. To finish her casual look, this young diva often goes for cowboy boots.

Hoodies and Vests

Miley likes to coordinate her graphic shirts with her hoodies, zip-ups or vests. These outerwear usually have graphic designs on them to match the innerwear and to make them noticeable.

Formal dresses

For formal events, the young celebrity goes for strappy, tube or sequined dresses. The 16-year old likes to mix flirty and edgy by opting for feminine dresses with just a touch of rock-and-roll. Miley looks good in lighter color because it enhances her beautiful skin and lovely brown locks in front of the camera. Go for pastel colors. Or you can make a statement by sometimes going for bold colors.


When choosing accessories, go for hats, glittery or patterned head bands and for some glittery hair clips or pins. Also opt for oversized designer bags.


Wear your long hair down in loose, wavy (brown) layers. Apply mousse to add volume. Blow-dry your hair with a round brush. To create the waves, use large rollers and a large barrel curling iron. Set it in place with hairspray.


Miley usually goes for a more casual makeup style. Open up your eyes by lining your top and bottom lashes with black eye pencil. Curl your lashes and apply mascara. When choosing eye shadow, opt for browns or golds. To avoid smudges (and hide dark spots under the eyes) apply concealer using a brush around the eye area. Use concealer too, if you have any skin imperfections.

Miley wears pink blush usually. However, if you have a different skin tone, you might want to go for a different shade. Go light and easy on the blush.

To finish you whole Miley makeup, use a light pink lipstick or clear lip gloss.

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