How to Look Like Zac Efron

Zac Efron

Zac Efron made name for himself by playing high school jock Troy Bolton in Disney’s High School Musical Franchise. Zac also created a buzz when he was cast in Hairspray. Now, he’s one of Hollywood’s hottest young stars.

Here’s how to get Zac Efron’s look:

Nothing short of surgery can make you look like Zac Efron. Fortunately you can copy his style.

The hair

Zac Efron has brown hair. If your are not  naturally chocolatey, you can have it dyed brown professionally. Don’t forget the most important facet of Zac’s hairstyle: the platinum tips. Get five tips, tops.

Don’t forget that stray lock that always seems to just pass the eyes. To get the "male bangs" opt for a layered cut

The teeth

Stars are called stars for one reason: they shine, all the way up to their teeth. So make sure your teeth are at their whitest. You can use whitening strips or you can have it done professionally.

Zac is often seen smiling, except when he’s being chased by the papparazzi. But when working the red carpet he’s always seen flashing his famous smile, so go ahead and practice yours.

The tan

No metrosexual in his right mind would go out looking pale and pasty, especially not one who plays a hot high school jock. To get Zac’s healthy, bronze tan, you can use tanning lotions, mystic tans or go to the tanning salon for a nice even dark color.

The body

Zac has grown a lot since the first High School get his long, lean, muscular body, eat right and work out about 4-5 times a week.

Don’t forget to wax body hair except for the eyebrows and arms.

Don’t forget to pluck your eyebrows. Just get rid of stray strands. Maintain their original, manly shape.

The skin

Zac has nice healthy skin. To get that healthy glow, don’t forget to moisturize, especially on the face. Get regular facials and/or use facial masks to minimize pores.

The fashion

Zac fashion style is very young and modern. He looks hot in casual clothes. He looks dashing in suits. To get Zac’s style, do some research. He’s style is a bit metro so opt for clothes that are modern and manly yet stylish.

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