How to Take Out Deodorant Stains

Having deodorant smears along the front area of your shirt happens every so often, most particularly if you are in a hurry trying to put on that tight top of yours. But you’re not excused-being in a hurry is not a license for having those hideous deodorant stains. Don’t worry, though. The stains will come out. Here’s how:

Get a sock, preferably one that is made from cotton.

Rub out the deodorant stains using the cotton sock. Rub vigorously, but make sure not to destroy the shirt.

In case you don’t have socks with you, any cotton fabric will do.

Never attempt to wipe off the smear using paper towels dunked in tap water. This will not take the smear off. You will only accomplish having bits of paper towel over your shirt.

This is a tried-and-tested tip. But if you want to be absolutely sure that you look nice and neat and de0 smear-free, make sure the deodorant you’ve just put on is already dried before putting on your shirt.

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