The Basics of Mens Shoes

Knowing which dress shoe design a man wants can practically help whenever he is choosing for the pair he thinks suits him. Definitely, there are several out there. Each named and classified specifically to help any man recognize each one of them.

It is for sure that men wear shoes on different occasions as every shoe has a different design. Not to mention the fact that they wear these shoes along with a compatible set of clothing. Below are the different shoes that every man can choose from depending on his preference.

Types of Shoes:

Oxfords are laced, men’s shoes that never go beyond the ankle. There are several styles of this type of shoe, namely: open-laced, close-laced, saddle, kitties, and the wing-tip. Black leather oxfords are best combined with formal clothes.

Loafers are characterized as low-cut with flat heels, and have a wide while its top is moccasin-type. Likewise to the oxford type of shoe, it also comes in several designs: the penny loafer, moccasin, monk strap and tassel. Preferred more by young men, these are best worn with business or tailored suits. Suede loafers can be worn with informal attire, particularly with jeans.

Sandals are classified into three styles: the thongs, sports and dress sandals. Thongs are beachwear. Sports sandals however can be worn on public courses, when hiking or rafting. They can be worn with chinos or jeans. Dress sandals, however, go with linen suits and are more formal in style.

Lifestyle or Casual shoes go with almost everything you have. Name it, you can wear it. You can wear them in parties or in any non-athletic event.

Deck or Boat shoes can be worn without socks. As a shoe fit for warm weathers, it can go with bright-colored linen pants or shorts.

Types of Boots:

Ankle Boots are low boots with rubber soles and have a rounded toe. These are worn with formal clothes and are best worn on dates, or any special and business event.

Hiking boots give support on the ankles as these are, of course, for hiking. Having a lace-up front, it has a padded collar, and rubber soles and a leather lining.

Cowboy/Biker boots are also known as a motorbike type of pair. What differentiates this with the other boots is that this has a pointed toe, has high heels and reaches up to the knees.


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