Honeymoons On a Budget

honeymoon in carribeanYou and your fiancé are anxiously discussing the budget for your much-awaited wedding. Cake and flowers, check. Catering and reception, check. Wedding souvenirs and musicians, check. Drenching in sweat, you find yourselves left with (surprise!) just pennies for the honeymoon. But take heart, you can have the best honeymoon even without spending as much. Here are some tips to have a remarkable honeymoon even on a tight budget.

Set your priorities

The first thing you should do is to decide your goals for the honeymoon. If you have a $1,000 budget and pampering is your top priority, consider a long weekend in a nearby spa resort. If you want a honeymoon getaway, consider a camping trip with gourmet treats and eats.

Work with travel agents

A travel agent will look for you honeymoon packages that are within your budget. With years of experience, travel agents know every ongoing or last-minute sales, giving you the best packages possible for your limited budget. Make sure that your travel agent knows what your priorities are so he or she knows what to include and exclude from your itinerary.

Stay close to home

Staying close to home for your honeymoon will save you time and money. Honeymooning on a secluded resort near your place could reduce your spending by almost 50% since you don’t have to take an airplane. Moreover, this will not only save you money, you can also enjoy the luxury of a 5-star resort. One alternative is to go to a beautiful destination (an island paradise perhaps) you could reach in 4-6 hours instead of 10 or more hours. This will significantly reduce the cost.

Honeymoon in the off-season

Read travel magazines or search the Internet to find out which possible destinations have the lowest off-season rate. Although the off-season often is a period when the weather isn’t perfect for a honeymoon, many off-season promos are offerred when the weather is good but tourist traffic is low.


Many newly-weds spend too much money due to unexpected expenses of foods and drinks, bringing stress to you and your partner. You can prevent this by choosing an all-inclusive package that includes everything: meals, water, non-motorized sports, alcohol, and even excursions. Many all-inclusives will cost you much, but some are very reasonable, especially in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Jamaica.

Cash in frequent flier miles

You can now milk the credit cards you and your partner have been maltreating to fund your wedding. With this, there’s no need to worry for your hotel accommodations, airline tickets, upgrades, and car rentals. You should also ask about partnerships and allow ample time for membership points or rewards to be transferred. And remember, blackout dates may spoil your honeymoon plans.

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