Chloe Designer Profile

Founded in Paris in 1952 by Egyptian-born Gaby Aghion, Chloé has always represented a freewheeling bohemian spirit.  At a time when haute-couture was the thing among the rich, Gaby felt that the masses who could not afford couture should not be condemned to wear ugly dresses created by their local dress-maker. She created high-quality, body-conscious, off-the-rack pieces.

She debuted her collection at the Cafe Florence – favorite hangout famous for being the meeting-place of existentialists and artists. Choosing the name Chloe (the name of Gaby’s faux-fur maker friend) for its feminine and warm appeal, the brand gained popularity. The label would later become famous for employing young, brilliant artists to design for it, and it continues until today.

The history

The 60s saw Chloe housing budding artists from the left bank. They characterize the pret-a-porter look. The house began to expand its coverage in fashion, offering handbags and fragrances. 1965, Karl Lagerfield joined creative team of the fashion house. His design would bring Chloe to iconic proportions in the 70s with Jackie O, Grace Kelly and Brigitte Bardot as patrons. Chloe also opened it 1st boutique in 1971 at the 3 Rue Gribeauval.

In the 80s, several young designers came and went, but kept alive, Chloe’s feminine, edgy trademark. 1985 Saw the buying-out of Chloe by Dunhill Holdings, and Gaby Aghion and Jacques Lenoir left the label they founded – a move that was happening to nearly all fashion houses: conglomerates taking over designer-owned or family-owned fashion houses. 1992 saw the return of Karl Lager field, giving the brand another boost. Chloe also moved its boutique to 54-56, Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honore. Keeping its tradition of hiring budding, brilliant designers, Chloe hired Stella McCartney in 1997.

The Beetle progeny brought her own trademark of romantic-but-street look to the fashion house with her mix of vintage, lingerie and signature low-rider trousers that was a hit with young women and which brought even more acclaim to the fashion house.

Chloe opened a boutique in New York in 1999. 2001 Saw the emergence of Phoebe Philo – former assistant of Stella McCartney – as the creative director of Chloe, bringing a bit more audacity to the label’s signature style with her sexy day-wear, fluid lines and diaphanous tops. Philo left in 2006.

Today, Hannah McGibbon controls the creative reigns of the brand. The Saskia, Paddigntoin and a host of other pretty and feminine yet completely functional bags – successfully continuing Chloe’s tradition of hiring young designers and keeping that fashion-forward, feminine look that it started over half a century ago.

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