How to Buy Tuxedo Shoes

tuxedo shoesBuying tuxedo shoes that go with your new tuxedo will complete your wedding outfit. Choosing the right one would depend on a number of considerations. It is best to have the right tuxedo shoes to go with the outfit, especially on a special event such as your wedding.

There are generally two types of tuxedo shoes that you can choose from based from the materials used. There is the more expensive patent leather shoes for the stylish one and the more affordable synthetic leather tuxedo shoes. The good thing about patent leather shoes is that they provide a look that can complement a fashionable groom with its flexible and lustrous finish. Patent leather shoes also are durable and gets even more comfortable with wear.

Synthetic leather tuxedo shoes can also be used if the groom is looking for the more affordable option. But this does not mean that synthetic leather shoes look less than the more expensive patent leather varieties. On the contrary, there are many synthetic leather shoes available that not only are affordable but also provide a groom with as look to be proud of.

Other concerns that you should think about when buying tuxedo shoes is the comfort that it can provide. Of course every groom also looks forward to wearing comfortable shoes during the wedding. An uncomfortable pair would only add some anxiety to the groom. You can choose a tuxedo shoes that not only looks good on the outside but provides some comfort on the inside as well. Try to look for shoes that have cushioned insoles or non slip heel cups to keep the shoes in place all of the time.

Comfort of the tuxedo shoes can also come from buying the right size. It is always better to know which shoe size fits you best. If you don’t know your shoe size, then you can head on to a specialty shoe store and have your feet measured by a shoe expert. Be sure to have your feet measured sometime in the afternoon or in the evenings since your feet swell through the day and may actually be bigger later on in the day. This will ensure that you will be able to get the most comfortable shoe size.

When it comes to style, there are also many things that grooms should consider when it comes to choosing the right tuxedo shoes. First of all, there is the lace up type or slip ons that grooms should consider for tuxedo shoes. Generally, slip ons may look more formal in a tuxedo than ones with laces. There is also the toe box that grooms have to delve over. Tuxedo shoes can come in pointed or rounded toes. The modern tuxedo shoes also come in a square toe design. This will depend on the preference of the groom since any type would be acceptable in terms of style.

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