How to Set Your Wedding Menu

wedding cakeChoosing which dishes to serve on your wedding reception can be relatively easy. However if you are handling this for the first time, it can be daunting as well Let us provide you with simple tips on how to create your wedding menu.

Consider the time of the wedding reception – You need to decide what time and season the wedding reception would take place. There is a huge difference between serving food for a summer lunch and dining in on a winter night, as dishes should also complement the time when it is served.

Consider your cost – Check your options and compare it to your budget. If you are on a tight budget, Angus beef is out of the equation. You may want to have a cocktail, afternoon tea, or dessert reception instead if you are cost-cutting.

Communicate with your caterer – Your caterer can recommend what they can serve for the wedding reception, depending on your budget. You can also ask for their signature dishes that the crowd would surely love.

Offer variety – Hor d’oeuvres, for instance, can be passed around by waiters and put on a station. This is to cater your guest’s different attitudes during the reception, as they can either go to the table without having to chase waiters around or stay in their tables while having a nice conversation yet having their bites as well. Other variety options include serving hot and cold dishes, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Consider some personal touches – Ask your caterer if they can incorporate your family’s take on a certain dish or if they can serve a specialty dish that your culture serves at weddings (Peking duck, for example, if you are Chinese). Your guests would appreciate this personal touch, and would even think that your family cooked the dish.

Choose foods that you like – Personalize your menu by including foods that you love. Remember that your wedding reception should be enjoyable for everyone at most, and that includes the couple.

Taste them first – Ask the caterer if you could taste the dishes first, and they would be more than glad to do so. This would give you a chance to sample the foods and find out which ones stand out. You can also ask the caterer how much it would cost for your parents and honor attendants to sample the food as well. This would provide you with other food options as well.

Consider dietary options – Some guests, and even the couple, may have special dietary needs like opting for a vegetarian diet for instance. If your caterer has vegetarian or non-meat options, make sure to taste it, as these are the usually ignored dishes.

Double check your menu – Once you have completed your proposed wedding menu, show it to trusted friends (and parents as well) and see if they have suggestions. Make sure to settle your menu to the caterer before the deadline to avoid stressing them, and adding costs as well.

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