Getting Married in England

England churchGetting married in England? You do not need to get bloody furious and leap out of your jumpers. Not that it much any different anywhere else, but the British have their own wedding traditions.

For good fortune, the bride carries a ribbon-bedecked horseshoe on her arm. There is also the saying "wear something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a lucky sixpence in your shoe". Another superstition they follow is for the bride not to use her married name before the wedding or the celebration might not push through.

In a traditional English wedding, there are no groomsmen and bridesmaids are young girls. There is only one adult witness.

Before, the bride and her wedding party walked together to church. Leading the procession is a girl strewing flowers along the path, which connotes that the bride’s life would always be happy. This is also to protect the couple from jealous ex-suitors.

Church bells ring as the couple enters. A different tune is rang as the couple exits. It is believed that the bells scare away evil spirits. The couple is showered with real petals.

Weddings are usually held at noon followed by a luncheon called a "wedding breakfast". The wedding cake is a fruitcake. The top layer is called the christening cake. This is saved for the baptism of the couple’s firstborn. The cake is typically made up of raisins, ground almonds, and cherries, which is topped with marzipan.

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