How to Write a Wedding Invitation

wedding invitationA wedding invitation should always be in the middle of every major part of the wedding planning activity. The couple should think about how they write their wedding invitations since it will usually be the first bringer of news to the couple’s guests about the upcoming occasion. And not only that, the wedding invitation would also provide several details and information that the guests might need pertaining to the special event.

Writing a wedding invitation does not have to be a complicated process for the couple, just as long as they know what this important piece of paper should contain. Writing a wedding invitation would need to be though over carefully before they are to be handed out. This includes being sure of the facts and the details contained in the invitation.

Errors, even the smallest ones, can be disastrous. A wrong address can mean that a wedding invitation may not reach its intended recipient. A wrong time or date overlooked on a wedding invitation can mean a disastrous event that may also prove to be very costly.

The first thing that one should bear in mind before writing the wedding invitation is to get all the essential details and facts of the wedding. This includes the date and the time of the wedding, the address of the wedding venue, the given names of the recipients, etc. this might be easier to collect for couples who do their own wedding invitations. But if they are to be written by an outside party, getting the accurate wedding details may take more work.

Once the details of the wedding have been gathered, it is now time to do the actual writing of the wedding invitation. And for this, there are many things to consider. One of them is to decide who will be announcing the wedding. This will determine how the wedding invitation would come out. The wedding invitations can be written with the parents of the couple announcing to the invited guests about the upcoming wedding. The wedding invitation may also be written to sound like the couple themselves making the announcement of the upcoming event.

Next in line comes determining the style of wedding invitation. Couples should decide if they want a wedding invitation to be formal or informal. A formal wedding invitation would follow a more polite and more courteous writing style while an informal one would have a more casual or conversational tone to it.

Writing the conventional wedding invitation usually follows a certain structure. The first part usually contains the names to whom the invitation is addressed to. This is followed by the names of the announcing parties (preceded by "Mr. And Mrs." before the names of the parents of the couple or separate designations as "Mr." and "Ms." before the couple’s names). The usual entry in most wedding invitations can be written as "cordially invites you" or "requests the honor of your presence..". A less formal way of writing it would be as simple as "Please join us in celebrating the wedding of..".

When addressing the couple on the wedding invitation, it is usual practice to give the full name of the bride first before the name of the groom. The next part of the writing process would involve providing the details such as the time and location of the event. When writing these details, it is important to highlight them in order to make them more visible for the recipients. The full and exact address should be written along with the date of the event as well as the time.

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