Eyeliner Tips & Tricks

eyelinerIf you want to make your small eyes appear larger, eyeliners can easily do the trick. Learn to apply it correctly to avoid the risk of appearing too overdone with dark, obvious lines. Here are some tips in applying eyeliners to better emphasize your eyes:

Liquid eyeliners should only be applied above the top lashes, whereas pencil or eye shadow can be used both for the top lid and under the lower lashes. Cake eyeliners, when used with water, can also be used at the top and bottom lashes.

When applying eyeliners, see to it that it is close to the base of the eyelashes. Use a fine brush with a liquid eyeliner so that it would stay on best. Smudge pencil eyeliners for a more subtle look.

To keep your eyelid skin tight and to help you make a smooth line, always hold your head back and look to the mirror to apply eyeliners.

Thick lines should be avoided as these make the eyes appear heavy and tired. Try to stick with fine lines, while using a brush in blending and evening it out.

Captivate them with a new look in your eyes with these favorite, tried and tested eyeliner tricks:

The Basic Eye

Make your eyes pop out, without showing that you’re well in deep wearing makeup. To give your eyes a natural appearance, go for lighter shades with your eye shadow.

Apply with a light hand and with short strokes on your lash lines. Make your eyes appear wider by tracing the inner eye rims with a white pencil.

The Smoky Eye

This is one of the more popular trends in eye make-up which never goes out of style. The key to achieving that smoky look in your eyes is to blend well. When layering the liner with a shadow, blend this well and follow it with eyeshadow.

The colors should be well-spread, from dark and rich near the lashes to almost sheer as it approaches the crease. Also make sure to keep the rest of your makeup light, because you don’t want to risk looking like a clown.

The Bold Eye

The dramatic look is the best choice for the evening. Use liquid liners to get that deep black in your eyes or use an angled brush tinted in deep-hued eyeshadow.

The Cat Eye

Get sexy and seductive for the night by making your eyes look tiny. Apply thin lines and soften your look by using smudgeable pencils in lighter colors like dark brown or charcoal.

For an even more softer version, use an eyeshadow brush to sweep a brown color on the lower lash line.

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