Topix Replenix Green Tea CF Serum

Topix replenix green tea cf serumReplenix is one of the pacesetters in antioxidant treatments. REPLENIX is a formula that has been patented to contain 90% polyphenol isolates which are essentially derived from green tea. Each bottle is equal to almost 500 cups of green tea and is colored tan because of the high concentration of green tea.

Because of this, the antioxidant properties of the products that they have are able to help in the minimizing of free-radicals that damage skin. The Replenix serum formula is water soluble and is easily absorbed by the body. It also includes hyaluronic acid which aids in moisturizing the skin and the smoothing of overall skin tone.

The Topix Replenix Caffeine Enhanced Green Tea (Replenix CF) Cream and Serum formulas are composed of concentrated green tea polyphenols which have been enhanced by the green tea ingredients.

There is also caffeine USP so that it can deliver enhanced antioxidant skin care benefits. The Tonix Replenix CF is a great formula which is easily absorbed by the skin because of its humectant base.

The benefits that you can get are quite a lot since it features antioxidants, not to mention among the most powerful in the world.

The anti-aging properties of the product are able to reduce one’s fine lines as well as pore size. If you’ve had trouble with acne before, you could benefit from this product as your pores might have been stretched out because of the previous pimples that you’ve had before.

It’s non-comedogenic and can also be ideal to calm any particular sensitive skin as the Rosacea and the anti-inflammatory properties of the serum formula are guaranteed to calm and cool off your skin.

The 90% polyphenol isolates are the active ingredient of the Replenix CF formula and it will be able to give you the best antioxidant-based serum treatment out there. It includes the compound EGCG which is short for epigallocatechin gallatate which is one of the more major preventative components in the serum.

The Topix Replenix Caffeine Enhanced Green Tea (Replenix CF) Cream and Serum formulas are able to be incorporated into your current prescription and over the counter skin care products to complement them or duly enhance their efficacy.

So if you’re looking for an antioxidant-based product, look no further as the The Topix Replenix Caffeine Enhanced Green Tea (Replenix CF) Cream and Serum formula will be able to give you that and more. Be sure to try out other variants of the Replenix CF system to get the best results.

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