How to Look Taller

woman fashionEveryone desires to be tall. At least tall and slim as the supermodels strutting down the runway in designer clothes. Who wouldn’t want to trade her 3-inch heels for a natural towering physique? Height matters in the fashion industry. To make a standout, one should make her presence felt with a soaring stature. But not all of us are blessed with the coveted height. For the horizontally challenged, here are some hip and fab suggestions for your wardrobe to create an illusion of tallness:

Vertical stripes and lines

These elongate that petite body of yours, while giving you a slim and trimmed down appearance. You can choose from a wide array of patterns, pleats or just your typical, plain old stripes to get the illusion of an added height. Ribbed patterns and ruffles highlight the vertical feature.

From your wardrobe, try wearing more of those button-down shirts and jackets of yours. Customize your outfits with beads, embroidery, corduroy, fine patterns or other creative personal touch to achieve that vertical effect. Show off some skin and get a little sexy with a slit on your skirt. Also, pinstripes are the in styles right now so try to incorporate some in your outfit.

V-neck shirts

While we all acknowledge that only the only fashion accessory that make us taller are high heels, an ordinary v-neck shirt or jacket could also do wonders for your height!

The v-neck design gives a semblance of a longer torso. So stuff your wardrobe with those v-neck tops, cardigans or what-have-yous, because they never really do run out of style and are most convenient to have.

Platforms and high heels

You can easily add a few extra inches with the stylish shoes you wear. From your wardrobe and depending on the rest of your outfit and occasion, make a selection from stiletto heels, chunky heels or platform sandals. Your trusty pair of boots is also acceptable, just make it in tune with the style of the season.

But wearing high heels doesn’t come without a price! You can have a terrible foot ache after just several hours of walking in towering heels. If your feet are sensitive and could not withstand stomping your heels around for a longer period of time, you can easily opt for wearing platform shoes.

Accessories add height

Some plain and simple accessories when paired with a nice outfit gives a much-needed boost to your stature. These may be in the form of sunglasses, shawls and hats. Spruce up your outfit with a fashionable silky scarf, dangling earrings and long pendants, and a hint of pearl surely add some height illusion.

Fitting pants

Choose pants that fit properly and just about brushes the top of your shoes. Don’t show off your socks! Your pants should be able to cover these to create an appearance of longer legs. Try not to wear as much trendy pants with varying lengths as these may not be the best option when going for the illusion of additional height.

All in all, you should still maintain your focus on coordinating the perfect outfit for trying to show off a taller physique. Don’t trouble yourself with the things you can’t change. But instead concentrate on the things you can improve on. What matters most is that you look and feel good about yourself. Stand tall!

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