Tips For Wearing Perfume

FlowersApply fragrance after a shower.

Hold the bottle at leapt two feet from your body and spritz once lightly at the feet, ankles, inner wrists, base of throat and/or behind the ears.

Your skin type affects the amount of perfume you need to apply. Fragrance is more pungent on oily skin, so wear less. On dry skin, you should spray on a bit more.

The nose acclimates over time, try to spray on the same amount everyday.

Avoid rubbing your wrists together after spritzing them- friction can alter the scent.

Steer clear of fragrances that will clash with your own. For example, stick with unscented hand wash, detergent, body wash and lotion.

Store bottles in a cool, dry place with the top tightly secured to prevent evaporation.

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