Finding the Right Size of Jeans

DenimAll jean sizes are not created equal. Finding your right size in jeans is trickier than other pants. That’s because of the variety of cuts, as well as the different types of denim used. 

If jeans are stonewashed or have gone through some chemical dye process, they’ll pretty much stay true to size throughout washings.

The amount of stretch can also alter what size you take. The general rule is that if jeans have some spandex in them you can go down a size, and if they have none you should go up a size.

The zipper is another good indicator of whether you need to try on something else, If it’s sticking up and not lying flat across your torso, the fabric is being stretched too tight– get a bigger size.

If you get stretchy pants too tight, they don’t look good because they’ll flatten out your butt and cut into your waist.

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