How To Wash Your Denim

Denim is easy to care for, but these tips will make it even easier.

The first time you wash your jeans, wash them alone. After that, it’s a good idea to wash them inside out, as this is the best possible way to maintain their color and overall look.

Make sure that you do not use chemicals while washing your jeans. Chemicals will not only reduce the strength of the fabric and life of the jeans but will also deteriorate its appearance. So it is better to use mild detergents or soaps that have less chemical and scent in them.

The best way to wash your jeans is to wash it upside down. Doing  this will help you to keep the color and the variations made in the shade of the jeans intact.  

Always lay your jeans on a towel to dry or, if possible, hang them with clothespins so that no part of the jeans is folded over. If you’re in a hurry, you can tumble dry them on low.

Because jeans are likely to shrink, it’s not a good idea to get just the right length. Buying them longer than necessary gives you the opportunity to fold them over or make any desired alterations after the first wash.

Never put more than four pairs of jeans in the washing machine at once because the heavy weight of the denim will constrict the movement of the wash cycle. This can damage the machine and the clothing, and chances are the jeans will end up less than clean, not to mention wrinkled.

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