How To Put On Mascara

MascaraBegin with an eyelash curler – Place a wide-open eyelash curler over your open eye. Make sure that it would press on your eyelashes. An eyelash curler may look like a torture device, but just press the curler and let it hold for a few seconds, you get curled, lengthened lashes in an instant.

Do not pump your mascara in the tube – Doing so would only dry it out.

Apply mascara – Put on mascara over freshly-curled lashes. Apply in feathery strokes until all the lashes are covered.

Hold a mirror – While putting-on mascara, try holding a mirror under your chin and looking downward to it, so you would see what you are doing.

Add an extra coat – Apply another layer of mascara on outer lashes for a doe-eye look.

Pull your eyelids – Gently pull your eyelids out towards the temple while applying mascara. This makes it easier to apply.

Brush the little lashes – To cover your lower eyelashes, use the tip of the mascara brush in a gentle, sweeping-out fashion.

Remove the mistake – If you made a slip-up, gently roll over a cotton ball to remove it.

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