How to Buy Authentic Louis Vuitton

The LV brand could be considered the most pirated leather brand. If you are looking for genuine Vuitton, check out our “Guide to Telling the Real Handbags from the Fake Ones,” and browse through this list of helping hints for added information.

The price – Classic Louis Vuitton monogram bags run from US$400 to more than US$1,000. If you are paying any less, like between US$20 to US$80, you are not getting the real deal.

The snaps – Real Louis Vuitton purse snaps are monogrammed. Manufacturers of replica Vuittons often skip that specific.

The leather – Authentic Louis Vuitton bags usually start out with light leather. Over time, the leather will wear and darken.

The handles – They should be made of an entire strip of natural leather. Make sure the handle is light tan in color, which would oxidize and darken over the course of a few weeks. Fake bags don’t change in color because the handles are usually painted. Take note of the handle’s stitching; it should be clean, consistent, and uses yellow thread. The sides of the handles should be a shiny, glazed red. And that the handles should never collapse on its own weight.

The zipper – The zipper pull should be brass hardware and heavy to the touch. Look if there is an “LV” symbol imprinted neatly on it.

The inside – The canvas in the bag should not be too soft, or stiff, or oily, or even shiny.

The monogram – The famous LV monogram should have irregular brown lines through the gold-colored letters, and flower pattern. Fake monograms may be a solid color or look too green or orange.

The ID – Every authentic Louis Vuitton bag should have a card with the style number and name inside it.

The style – Fake bags often come in styles and color not available in the real thing.

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