Great Uses for Lemons

LemonsLemons smell refreshing, and they are more than just lemonades. We have a lot of home uses for lemons.

General cleaning – Not only do lemons smell fresh, but the acid in lemons is also good for cleaning. Just sprinkle some salt on a lemon-half and just scrub tables, counter tops, and even the bottom of copper pots, using the flat side of the lemon half.

Skin moisturizer – After juicing a lemon, use the remainder to moisten dry elbows and knees.

Stick-free grilling – When grilling fish, avoid sticking by grilling on top of some lemon slices. This will also infuse the lemon’s acidic flavor to the fish as well.

Homemade cleanser – Mix four cups of water and one cup white wine vinegar. To neutralize the harsh smell, take some lemon peels, twist them several times, then add directly to the solution.

Holiday décor – Dried lemon slices make a great decoration, especially during the holidays. Place lemon slices on a cookie-drying rack, then cook in a 175-degree oven for four to six hours. The slices will come out brittle, and you can use them to decorate wreaths, bottles, potpourris, or even gift boxes.

Vase addition – Six or seven whole lemon look great in a clear glass vase. Use the lemons to anchor flowers and hide the stems. After adding water to the vase, notice how the lemons are magnified, creating a unique visual look.

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