Feng Shui Home Decorating

feng shui homeFeng Shui literally wind water is an ancient Chinese philosophy of nature. It teaches us how to live in harmony with nature and our environment.

Feng Shui is sensible in that our environs have a significant impact on our well-being. If we are surrounded by decay, various symbols of death and ugliness, our psyche will suffer. If we are to surround ourselves with images of beauty and various things of light we will enrich our spirits.

Chi is another important aspect in Feng Shu belief. Chi is the invisible force that flows around nature. It should flow effortless through a room to produce balance and harmony. Feng Shui was invented to make sure that chi will bring good vibrations to a place.

Feng Shui has invaded the world of interior decorating in the last twenty years. Every aspect of planning your house has to be approved by a Feng Shui expert. If you’re family has been having money problems move around a few things and voila you’ll have a healthier bank account. If you want to escape the negative force of bad Feng Shui adhere closely to these tips young grasshopper.


The flow of chi to your home should follow a meandering path. Use curved pathways.

A large door can allow chi to escape your house. Counteract this by placing wind chimes above your door.

Too small a door won’t allow chi to enter your house. Place a mirror on the other side of the door or on the opposite wall of the door.

If your back door directly faces the front door the flow of chi through your house will not be able to circulate. Place a plant or a divider in between the two to break up the chi.

 Fu dogs guard the home or the business. Put a pair of them on either side of your door. Add flowering plants in groups of 3 along the walk way to your front door.

Make your address visible from the street day or night 


A stairway positioned in front of your front door will cause all the chi to flow straight to your second floor. Break the flow of chi by using mirrors or wind chimes.

If you have stairs that uses risers instead of filled in steps the chi will not rise upward. Place plants beneath the stairs or a skylight above the stairs to help chi flow more efficiently. 

Living Room

Your living room should be rectangular in shape. Break any opposing straight lines by placing your furniture around the room.

There should be an even number of seats in the living room. The chair for the guest should be comfortable and should never be placed with its back to the door.

Don’t use harsh colors for your living room.

Avoid overcrowding the room with too many furniture. 

Dining Room

A round table is said to be a symbol of the earth and stability. If you have a rectangular or square table placing an octagonal centerpiece is good Feng Shui.

There should be an even number of chairs around your dining table. Dining chairs with a horseshoe back is good Feng Shui.

Remember to place the guest facing a doorway

There should be ample space around the table for guests to move.  


Your kitchen should not face north as evil spirits come from that direction to cause chaos.·          White represents purity. This is the preferred color for your kitchen as a it would denote ‘pure’ food coming from your kitchen.

Do not place your kitchen sink and stove side by side. They represent opposing elements, fire and water.

Place a mirror above a stove if it is facing a doorway.

Reduce the influence of bad Feng Shui with good lighting and ventilation 


Adults would do well with a bedroom facing the west while children should have bedrooms facing the east.

The bed should not be positioned so that the feet are facing the doorway. This is the way the deceased are carried from a room.

Your bed should not face the window as this attracts bad energy. Place a mirror or wind chimes for protection.

 There shouldn’t be more than two mirrors in a room.

Your bedroom should be peaceful and tranquil. Use low lighting.  


The bathroom should be facing the north as this direction is closely associated with water.

The colors blue and green are also ideal because of their close relation to water.

The flow of chi through this areas should be swift. The bathroom is a place for cleansing and this can actually   pollute chi. Place mirrors and chi crystals around the bathroom.

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