Must Buy for Summer 2010: Gauze Dress

As the weather becomes hotter, even hotter than the year before, summer slowly begins to creep in. In order to beat the heat, there is only one fashion trend you need to consider: Gauze dresses, lots of them.

The gauze dress is made from loosely-woven cotton, much like the type you normally see in hospital to cover wounds. Because of this, the gauze dress feels cool and breezy to wear despite the blistering heat.

Most gauze dresses are sheer, making it unideal to be worn outside, unless if it is being used as a cover-up over swimsuit. There are, however, gauze dresses that have full lining to prevent the sheerness of the fabric create an unwanted exposure. Women are also advised to wear it with a full or half-slip for an added layer.

This type of dress comes in different styles, cuts, and colors. It is ideal for many body types and can be washed and dried easily as long as it is handled with care. Note that the fabric accepts dye easily, so make sure to wash it with like colors or separately.

Source: and Wise Geek

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