How To Get Soft Feet

feetWith a nonacetone remover, clean polish from nails and file them in one direction until flush with the tips of toes. Gentaly round them at the corners.

Soak feet up to the ankles in a bowl filled with one part whole milk, two parts warm water, and three drops olive oil. Clean the nails with a soft brush.

After ten minutes, remove feet and pat with a towel.

Smooth rough skin by running a foot file or pumice stone over the sole and sides using long strokes—and shorter ones on the bottoms of the big toes and over calluses. Repeat on the other foot.

Exfoliate feet and calves with an alpha hydroxy scrub.

Rinse, pat dry, then massage feet and calves with body oil. Wrap feet in a damp, warm towel.

After three minutes, remove the towel and rub a rich moisturizer on soles, ankles, and calves.

Use an orange stick to gently push cuticles back.

When feet are dry, clean nails with polish remover. Brush on a basecoat and the nail polish of your choice.

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