How to Fix You Under Eye Problems

How To Fix You Under Eye Problems

Eye bags and dark circles under the eyes have are a common problem among women – what with long hours at work, or sleepless nights at home caring for the family. Fortunately there is a way to hide these pesky under eye problems:


According to Marie Claire beauty expert Cheryl Kramer, there is a way to prevent eye bags. Avoid caffeine, salt and alcohol, as these can cause fluid buildup and puffiness. Drinking plenty of water can also prevent dark circles from forming under your eyes.

De-puff your eyes

Your face usually appears a little swollen in the morning, and the eyes look especially puffy. To de-puff your eyes, apply ice or chilled spoons to your peepers.


Believe it or not, exercise can help get rid of your under eye problems. Aerobic exercise helps drain fluid, and thus prevent it from collecting under your eyes.


Makeup helps cover up dark circles under your eyes. Apply a cream under your eyes. Choose one that has shimmer in it to reflect light.

Apply a yellow-based concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone on the dark area under your eyes. Apply it evenly using a concealer blush. Choose an orange-based concealer if the dark-circle under your eyes is of a blue shade. If you do not have orange-based conceal, mix a bit of red lipstick with your normal concealer to create a peach color shade.

Check your eyes on the mirror. Make sure you conceal just the dark spots. If you apply concealer on areas that are not dark, you will get raccoon eyes.

Focus the areas directly underneath the inside your eyes, and the area where your eyes and nose meet. Apply loose or pressed powder to set the concealer.

If the concealer is not enough, draw attention away from your eyes. Make your eyelids the focus instead. Apply black eyeliner to the upper lash lines only, and then apply black mascara to your lashes.

Use a shimmery eyeshadow to finish the look, and brighten your whole face.

Source: Marie Claire

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